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7,500 ft3 /min. | A Healthy Solution for Clean Air

The Air-Vac M-75C Series is a 7,500 CFM (Cubic Foot per Minute) air filtration unit that features a 5 horsepower 3 phase motor. It’s self-contained for use individually or in groups. It is intended for use in large buildings or industrial plants without exhausting or ductwork required. Each M-75 series is hand-built in USA with industrial-grade components housed in a heavy-duty 16 gauge steel cabinet and finished with chemical resistant powder coat paint.

The Air-Vac M-75 reduces the make-up air requirements up to 80% without any heat or A/C loss. Energy cost savings alone make your Air-Vac air cleaning system an attractive investment for small operations or large multi-unit installations.

*5 year warranty on parts excludes filters

m75 air cleaner side 1
m75 side 2
new img M75

How It Works

First, dirty air is pulled through filter intakes at each end of the M-75 series consisting of multiple four inch thick pre-filters to catch the large particles.

The second stage filtration process is multiple industrial grade 22 inch deep, 95% efficient bag filters which traps submicron particles that get through the pre-filter. The clean air is then exhausted back into the building through the center of the M-75.

Air Vac Unit Model M-75 Blueprint
M-75 Specs

Dimensions:  52″×48″×82″

Weight:  720lbs

Power Consumption:
with pre-wired junction box on unit

Rated to Filter

Welding Smoke

Diesel Smoke and Fumes

Grinding Dust

Oil Mist

Bondo Dust


Light Paint Overspray

Plastic Dust


Printing Powder

Tobacco Smoke

Woodworking Dust

Other Smoke & Dust Problems


Filter Change Gauge

Silencer: Reduces Sound by 12 Decibels

Washable Aluminum Mesh Pre-filter